Finest Belgian Beers – The beer connection

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Finest Belgian Beers – The beer connection:
Hmm where to start? Manufactum offers Belgian Trappist beers since years so I´ve heard what great beers they are supposed to brew there. When Maria´s parents visited Belgium some years ago, I told them to buy some “samples” there. They loved the beer there and I loved the samples they brought with them.

Via be-cause blog I got in contact with Fred from Belgium he shares an obsession for straight razors and beer as well. So some time ago I´ve sent him some samples of the famous Bavarian Unertl Weizen/Weißbier. He returned the favour today with a wonderful selection of the finest belgian beers. Look at the bottles and the champagne style corks. Check the minimum durability of one beer of 2031! (It won´t  make it!) Man they take bottling quite serious and I have no doubt I won´t be disappointed with the content either. They will have to rest for some days to relax after that bumpy journey via DPD but as hard as it is to wait, they will get their time for the great belgian beer tasting. Thanks Fred!

Fred´s choice was:
– Trappist Orval
– St. Bernardus Abt
– Gueuze Boon Mariage Parfait
– Girardin Kriek
– Rodenbach Grand Cru

Check for worldwide shipping

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