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Stéphane Vetter – Night Photography

stephane vetter - moonbow iceland

stephane vetter-island

stephane vetter - Donon  - Schirmeck -  France

stephane vetter - Creux du Van  -  Suisse

stephane vetter - chamonix

stephane vetter - Steinberg - Massif du Petit Ballon -  France

stephane vetter - Chapelle du Bollenberg  - Orschwihr -  France

stephane vetter - Mont Saint Odile - Alsace - France

Stéphane Vetter – Night Photography:

An photographer/artist who seems to be a lot outdoors at night. His photos seem to me to be from another planet. The effect on his images is the extreme aperture of his camera to capture images at night. Even the first photo is shot by night at shows a “moonbow”. For more of his work have a look at his gallery.