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Kiki Fritz – Cartridge ring and cufflinks

kiki fritz logo kiki fritz bread and butter berlin 2013 kiki fritz cartridge kiki fritz cartridge kiki fritz cartridge cufflinks kiki fritz cartridge cufflinks kiki fritz cartridge ring and cufflinks3 kiki fritz cartridge ringKiki Fritz – Cartridge ring and cufflinks:
Just a small glimpse into the cartridge collection of Kiki Fritz who we met at the Bread&Butter in Berlin. Kiki Fritz is a gold- & silversmith from south Tyrol – Bozen. Inspired by finds of old rifle cartridges from WWI + WWII she started to cut off the bottoms and integrate them into rings and cufflinks. Since the state of decay of those cartridges and the id marks, all works by her are unique.

Roger Dörig – Appenzeller Gürtel / belt

Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel - Belt Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1 Roger Dörig - Appenzeller Gürtel1

Roger Dörig Sennsattler – Appenzeller Gürtel – Belt:
If you ever cross the border from Germany to Austria and over to Switzerland, called the Dreiländereck, you have to see the workshop of Roger Dörig a Sennsattler. His workshop is over 125 years old which he runs now in the 4th generation. A Sennsattler is a mix of a saddler and a goldsmith. Most famous for the special Appenzeller Gürtel / Appenzeller belts. Every item on the belts are sawed out from a piece of metal and later on engraved by hand and carefully attached with small rivets to the belt.

I´ve been in his workshop about 3 years ago and promised to come back to get a customized belt done by Roger Dörig. A great surprise to see one of his belts in the legacy of my father. Which he wore fore at least a decade and guess what, i will hopefully do this as well for some more.

Have a look at Roger Dörig´s workshop and a video of him showing his profession and passion.  (in swiss german – hard to understand if you are not swiss or from the border area to switzerland).

Armenian Silversmith – Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Zeus rings in silver from the Armenian Silversmith at the Grand Bazaar in IstanbulFirst of all, if you haven´t been to Istanbul hurry up and have a go. Great food just everywhere, nice people and great scenery and ancient monuments hard to match somewhere.

But actually I planned to write something about our experience at the Grand Bazaar.
Basically one of the main attraction of every tourist with all side effects – BUT if you walk a bit away from the central streets you find some true gems where great artisans still make wonderful things with their own hands and for a reasonable price. So we had the luck to stumble upon this Armenian Silversmith / Goldsmith who did these two Zeus rings. He changed the one of my girlfriend within a couple of minutes. Full program – cutting out a pice, welding the ring together and trimming it to the perfect size. And this with joy and a hospitality you wont find so easily, the show of his craftsmanship alone would have been worth the price we payed for the rings. So if you should go to Istanbul and are for the search of something special or want a copy of an existing jewelry, pay him a visit. (address / directions can be provided, just write me a mail).