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Robert Kaufmann cuttingart, knifes

Robert Kaufmann cuttingart knifes forging - at workRobert Kaufmann cuttingart knifes forging at the ambossRobert Kaufmann cuttingart knifes folding knifeRobert Kaufmann cuttingart folding knife, pocket knifeRobert Kaufmann cuttingart fighter knifeRobert Kaufmann cuttingart damast axeRobert Kaufmann cuttingart samurai sword katanaRobert Kaufmann cuttingart, knifes

Im glad last weekend Manfred from Feinschmuck gave me an article in the newspaper to read about Robert Kaufmann. At his website, about the first words you read “Die schönsten Messer der Welt” (the most beautiful knifes of the world). That´s a ambitious statement and I think it is true. Unfortunately I could not visit him by now but I definitely have to see him for a chat, to see his knifes / works, take some photos and even ask him to craft a knife for me. The most difficult task is to just choose – only one knife.

Here a video about Robert Kaufmann in german.

(Copyright of the images by Robert Kaufmann)