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Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 2012

Free & Easy Magazine November 2012 by Life Time Gear Eric Jost Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 20122 Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 20123 editor minoru onozato Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 2012 Hajime Tsukada - Barleay Harvest Season

Free & Magazine Nov. 2012 Gift by Eric Jost:
Friday morning there was a letter from Eric Jost from Life Time Gear in the mailbox. Inside the November Issue of the famous Japanese Free & Easy Magazine. Unfortunately no time to read it be-cause I had to leave to the shipyard. Right after work, without even washing my hands I had to have a closer (and careful) look at it. What a great magazine with images of unique items and characters (e.g. Hajime Tsukada). No way to read the Japanese Text but the images talk for themselves. Thanks Eric for this great gift and inspiration.

Bandit Bloggers – Live @ Bread and Butter Berlin 2012

bandit bloggers logo
fred redwing1905 banditbloggereric life time gear banditbloggerfred redwing1905 banditblogger

Bandit Bloggers – Live @ Bread and Butter Berlin 2012:
A new project was launched @ the Bread and Butter Berlin 2012.
Fred from REDWING1905, Eric from LIFE TIME GEAR
and friends will post their impressions, photos and storys together on www.banditbloggers.com. For all who are not in Berlin and would have their focus on the L.O.C.K. and Fire Dept. area check out this website.

Copyright of the photos & logo Banditbloggers & Co.

Happy birthday – be-cause !

marilyn monroe be-cause birthday

Happy birthday be-cause !
What started last year as a project to collect and record some ideas, photos and stories, has developed a lot. I´m really happy about that year and want to thank especially these persons who mention and inspired me.

Thanks a lot to:

Eric from Life Time Gear
Frank from motArt Journal
Chris form Damn Yak
Simon from After the Denim
Thomas from Denimhunters
Carsten from The Last Don
Craig from Cool your Jets IV
Ryan from Inventory Magazine
Frank from Top Hatter

Hawleywood’s Barbershop

Hawleywood’s Barbershop:
I guess if we had a Barbershop like this one, I would start growing my hair again. But most Barbers are like taxi drivers on speed, who ruin your Saturday morning by talking bullshit and asking questions which has been asked by them before. I rather prefer a max. of 3 mm hair and safe the money – be-cause.

Wait! I guess there is a barber around. Eric from Life Time Gear has a friend Olli Wegerich, I guess he would be the guy around Darmstadt to get a haircut.

Fatboy Clothing – Ecole Maritime T-Shirt

fatboy clothing ecole maritime t-shirt marine francaise grey total viewfatboy clothing ecole maritime t-shirt marine francaise grey label insidefatboy clothing ecole maritime t-shirt marine francaise grey label left frontA great new T-Shirt “Ecole Maritime” arrived on Friday. Thanks to Eric from Life Time Gear for pointing me in his article to this company. Fatboy Clothing is a small brand in France which put in a lot of manual labour in their T-Shirts with nice designs and details.