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Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre or a Pernod ?

Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre or Pernod ?Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre or a Pernod ?
Have a nice weekend for the lucky ones who are “out” already! I´m soon to have finished the last job for this week and tomorrow is holiday time. Going to south France for a week and I will probably see Frank from MotArt Journal. Have a good time see you soon. Ah, and I will have to dicide if my drink will be a Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre or a Pernod ? Hmm too many choices.

Happy birthday – be-cause !

marilyn monroe be-cause birthday

Happy birthday be-cause !
What started last year as a project to collect and record some ideas, photos and stories, has developed a lot. I´m really happy about that year and want to thank especially these persons who mention and inspired me.

Thanks a lot to:

Eric from Life Time Gear
Frank from motArt Journal
Chris form Damn Yak
Simon from After the Denim
Thomas from Denimhunters
Carsten from The Last Don
Craig from Cool your Jets IV
Ryan from Inventory Magazine
Frank from Top Hatter