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Viehscheid Maierhöfen Allgäu 2011

First of all I might have to explain what a “Viehscheid” is. A “Viehscheid” is the a synonym for “Almabtrieb” which is the bringing back of the cows from their summer alpine stay (before autumn and the risk of snow) to the sables in the lower valleys. The leading cows are decorated by traditional herbs and flowers – but only if no cow has died during their stay in the mountains. This photos I took in Maierhöfen Allgäu 2011, this is the Viehscheid with the longest distance of more than 30 kilometers, the cow train consists of about 200 – 250 cows.

Before the official arrival of the cow train I met a father and son who joined their cow later. The grandmother is especially skilled for preparing the decoration of the cow.

Viehscheid-Maierhoefen, decorated cow with owner and sonViehscheid-Maierhoefen, decorated cow with owner and sonViehscheid-Maierhöfen decoration of one of the leading cowsNow the train arrives

Viehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011, the cow train arrivesViehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011 one of the "cowboys" with a great beardViehscheid-Maierhoefen the cow train arrives and comes closerViehscheid-Maierhöfen nice dirndl going barfootCheck out the girl going barefoot
Viehscheid-Maierhöfen 2001 the cow train from the back closer to maierhöfenViehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011 the back of the cow trainViehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011 the back of the cow train close before the city Viehscheid-Maierhöfen 2001 a goat is joining at the seidplatz with alphorn playersViehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011 Alphorn playersViehscheid-Maierhöfen 2011 decoration of the hatsThe cows are gathered at the “Scheidplatz” and later the day the cows are collected by the owners. A festival starts which is like a little Oktoberfest with music, local food and beer. Next year I want to catch the cows and the “Cowboys / Treiber” at sunrise in the mountains when they start, and I will make a coverage which shows the way to their destination.