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Wigens Headwear

Wigens cap hat created in sweden since 1906Wigens cap hat created in sweden since 1906Wigens cap hat created in sweden since 1906Wigens Headwear :
Around 10 years ago I bought this Wigens tweed cap to cover some growing hair – and not to look like a full idiot. I´m not the kind of classic hat/cap guy more into watchcaps (like Devold from norway) – Tillman doesn´t like it either.


Anchor belt buckle by Feinschmuck

feinschmuck anchor belt buckle - anker gürtelschnalleRaw bronze Anchor belt buckle by Feinschmuck:
Yesterday, finally my birthday present arrived. Absolute raw, no finish yet and no belt attached. Thanks Maria and Manfred!

who was it ? – trekking in Norway

While trekking in Norway, after I setup my Tent (Vaude Hogan) I found this nice preserved can of fish under a rock. I liked the aged look of it and took it as a souvenir. Who was this hiker who hide it there years ago? After he had his meal on a  a long day hike on this wonderful spot. It´s close to the Harteigen the biggest mountain of the Hardangervidda close to Torehytten. On the one side you can look down the valley on the other side you see the lake. The water is refreshing but when you wash your feet are close to be numb before you washed yourself. Hard to find a nicer spot for camping If you ask me, quite mystic.