Gillette Adjustable safety razor

Gillette Adjustable safety razor, head, butterfly mechanismGillette Adjustable safety razor, headGillette Adjustable safety razor, head, stampsGillette Adjustable safety razor:
A vintage Gillette Adjustable safety razor. It´s a butterfly system razor. Which means you open the razor for the blade by turning the bottom of the handle and the wings will open for placing the razor blade. The cool thing about this razor is the adjustment ring which is labeled 1 -9 and by turning it you put more pressure on the blade and change the angle of it. So you can change the razor to be more aggressive or being more smooth. Good ones have all the chrome and the numbers are still black.

The razor even got famous 1964 in James Bond´s –  Goldfinger, when he shaves in the plane and activates a tracking device.

6 thoughts on “Gillette Adjustable safety razor

  1. crashwilliams

    Just before coming away, taking a year off to travel the World – I visited Jermyn Street in London and Trumpers, buying my first three piece razor, badgers hair brush and some wonderful shaving cream. Some/most men think shaving is a chore – not me, when you have a decent shaving kit it moves from chore to being a great start to the day. Alas, having been away for several months now my three piece is feeling lonely as I’ve come to embrace the ‘traveller’ look, goatee beard and general unkept appearance!

    1. Alex Post author

      Trumper in London is definitely on the places to visit list. Start using old razor blades an straight razors was an attempt avoid the mafia like prices in modern 3 Blade razors. It turned out to far away from being cheaper but it was the beginning of a nice hobby and nearly forgotten art. At least you got your kit with you and can civilize – if you want. A nice advice –

      a nice flask and fill it with some special whiskey or brandy. Use it on very special moments, alone or with friends. And it serves as well as an aftershave. Take care and have fun. I will keep following your journey.

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  4. DavidDavid

    Do you happen to know what model this razor is? I have this exact one, bought it in an antique store for about $4 and it works great, but I can’t seem to find anything of a similar quality that I could buy new that’s a butterfly adjustable razor with such a slim handle.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello David,
      definitely from Gillette there is no production of this nice product. They are in the 3 -> 5 blade nonsense league now.

      Merkur does very nice classic razors, and feather from japan does very well engineered ones:
      Check here:

      and here is a butterfly razor by feather but with some plastic:

      Honestly I would go for a non butterfly full metal one from Merkur or a similar design. They differ from their angle by the blade and are described as agressive or more gentle. You can vary then to buy a real sharp blade by eg. feather and you have a agressive and extreme sharp blade and have a super close shave or go with a gentle razor and a super sharp blade. So you have still some ways to vary the handling of your razor. I prefere a gentle one since I do not really need such baby faced skin. And nowadays I use the straight razor and only use sometimes the safety razor just for difficult spots around the mouth area.
      let my know your choice and your experience when
      you have decided.


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