The Straight Razor Shave Lecture with Donnie Hawley

Just had a straight razor shave, I hardly use the single bladed Gilettes be-cause
anymore. I love practice on my skill, use the straight razor and probably also the trill of the shave.

I made jokes a while ago when about three bladed razors and how they will go up until 10-20 so you can shave your face with one stroke, we have reached the 5 blade nonsense not too far away anymore.

Watch this barber and see how easy it is!

3 thoughts on “The Straight Razor Shave Lecture with Donnie Hawley

  1. Cool Your Jets IV

    Hi Alex – still love watch this guy, such a class act!

    I’ve now honed my technique with the blade you sent me, such a great shave and so close – shaving is now a pleasure.

    1. Alex Post author

      it is fun to see/feel how it get´s smoother and smoother. Im glad you like it and it did not put on rust in a cupboard. but my idea to save money did not work out so well – when you start collecting old razors instead of using 3 – 5 blade super razors.


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