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The Straight Razor Shave Lecture with Donnie Hawley

Just had a straight razor shave, I hardly use the single bladed Gilettes be-cause
anymore. I love practice on my skill, use the straight razor and probably also the trill of the shave.

I made jokes a while ago when about three bladed razors and how they will go up until 10-20 so you can shave your face with one stroke, we have reached the 5 blade nonsense not too far away anymore.

Watch this barber and see how easy it is!

Gillette Adjustable safety razor

Gillette Adjustable safety razor, head, butterfly mechanismGillette Adjustable safety razor, headGillette Adjustable safety razor, head, stampsGillette Adjustable safety razor:
A vintage Gillette Adjustable safety razor. It´s a butterfly system razor. Which means you open the razor for the blade by turning the bottom of the handle and the wings will open for placing the razor blade. The cool thing about this razor is the adjustment ring which is labeled 1 -9 and by turning it you put more pressure on the blade and change the angle of it. So you can change the razor to be more aggressive or being more smooth. Good ones have all the chrome and the numbers are still black.

The razor even got famous 1964 in James Bond´s –  Goldfinger, when he shaves in the plane and activates a tracking device.