LVC Levi´s Vintage Clothing & Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo

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LVC Levi´s Vintage Clothing & Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo

As with exceptional things, they get remarkable when they are connected by a good story they can tell. Thanks to Thomas for guiding me around a bit through the denim world @ the Bread & Butter Summer 2013. Before his tour I was just fascinated by LVC new collection and especially the yellow Western Shirt made of silk and so nicely done embroidery. But via Thomas I understood the story of the Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo made by Levi´s. A limited edition of this Tuxedo will be produced by Levi´s,  an Investment and for sure it gets a well hunted collectors item.

Here the short story about this Tuxedo and Bing Crosby´s connection to it.
After he was told to be not dressed appropriate in his Levi´s Jeans by a Canadian Hotel Clerk and was nearly rejected to get a hotel room for the night, Bing told the story Levi´s and they went into action and crafted him a Denim Tuxedo. The President of the American Hotel Association even put a Label inside and granted him – Bing Crosby entrance to all Hotels in America in this Tuxedo.

Read the full story here.

1 thought on “LVC Levi´s Vintage Clothing & Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo

  1. Karen Fairweather

    One of the original 1951 Bing Crosby tuxedo’s is up for auction on 29th November 2014 by Omega Auctions. Only thought to be a dozen worldwide and Levis are releasing reproductions in Spring 2014.


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