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Impressions Bread & Butter Summer 2014

Core Coat Tellason Real Mc Coys Naval Coat Laco watch IMG_5169 Pendelton Levis vintage clothing shirt hawaii Passion France Knife Golden Bear Leather Jacket Indigo dyed Socks Tellason Otter Wax Feinschmuck Wallet Hook Croots England Canvas Bag Croots England Canvas Leather belt IMG_5134 Johnson Motors

Impressions Bread & Butter Summer 2014

I attended with Feinschmuck the Bread & Butter Summer 2014 and was part of the Amtraq Dist. stand in the Fire Department area. A great event with so many good brands. Unfortunately I did not have the time to wander around and take more images. Here just a quick glimpse into some of the brands I was close to or really caught my eye.

LVC Levi´s Vintage Clothing & Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo

Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo7 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo6 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo5 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo2 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo1 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo3 Bing Crospy Levis Vintage Tuxedo4

LVC Levi´s Vintage Clothing & Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo

As with exceptional things, they get remarkable when they are connected by a good story they can tell. Thanks to Thomas for guiding me around a bit through the denim world @ the Bread & Butter Summer 2013. Before his tour I was just fascinated by LVC new collection and especially the yellow Western Shirt made of silk and so nicely done embroidery. But via Thomas I understood the story of the Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo made by Levi´s. A limited edition of this Tuxedo will be produced by Levi´s,  an Investment and for sure it gets a well hunted collectors item.

Here the short story about this Tuxedo and Bing Crosby´s connection to it.
After he was told to be not dressed appropriate in his Levi´s Jeans by a Canadian Hotel Clerk and was nearly rejected to get a hotel room for the night, Bing told the story Levi´s and they went into action and crafted him a Denim Tuxedo. The President of the American Hotel Association even put a Label inside and granted him – Bing Crosby entrance to all Hotels in America in this Tuxedo.

Read the full story here.

Ecke 32 Manufacture Store Konstanz

Ecke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - full view frontroomEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz main room full viewEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - front door facingEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz, vintage red wings and tellason topper denim shirtEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - tellason topper denim shirt, wolverine 1000 mile boots, and the heritage magazineEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - schiesser revival longsleeveEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - momotaro jeans selvage denim pinkEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - momotaro jeans japanEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - merz beim schwanen cornerEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - deus ex machina t-shirt and vintage red wingsEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - momotaro denim labelEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - lvc levis vintage clothing 501z 1954 labelEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - lvc levis vintage clothing 501z leather patchEcke32 Manufacture Store Konstanz - cone denim lvc levis vintage clothing label

Ecke 32 Manufacture Store Konstanz:
After a too strong coffee I decided to cycle to Konstanz for a visit at the Ecke 32 Manufacture Store. Lars Nehren was able to get some of the finest brands available to the lake of constance (Bodensee) area for what I´m and others are really happy about. Labels like Tellason, Red Wing, Momotaro, Merz beim Schwanen, Schiesser Revival, LVC  and Wolverine just to name a view, are presented only a view metres away from the Konstanz Cathedral. First thursday in the month from 7pm to 9pm he hosts the possibility of private shopping upon appointment. Thanks Lars for your time, even on a very busy saturday!