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Boxwerk München

Boxwerk München

Boxwerk München:
Some weeks ago having lunch at the Frontküche I saw a flyer or was it a sticker of the Boxwerk. Checking their website I decided that I have to train there soon. The Boxwerk logo, their “cultural” approach combined with boxing and the whole concept which stands behind this club seems to be very interesting and well rounded. Can´t wait to see it in real.

Mike Tyson – Early years, a rare documentary

mike tyson early years documentary

Mike Tyson – Early years, a rare documentary:
From his early years, influenced and formed well by Cus’D Amato and not messed up by the others who followed. Cus died in 1985 when Mike was only 19 and started to get a Pro. Cus says in this footage something like: “My goal is not only to form a champion but also to make him independent from me”, hard to say but he failed with the second part of his saying, by passing away too early, RIP.

Undusting my homegym

undusting my homegym - punching bag twins mediumundusting my homegym - boxing glovesundusting my homegym - old weightsundusting my homegym - spiderwebbed weightsundusting my homegym - pullup board undusting my homegym - bench press and dipsundusting my homegym - 20kg kettle bellsundusting my homegym - 20kg weight disksundusting my homegym - neck exerciseundusting my homegym - standing ab wheel undusting my homegym - weightsundusting my homegym - rusty weights closeup

Undusting my homegym:

It has been a lazy 4 weeks, I did not do any sport. But this week I started again to hit the punching bag and to train a bit. Feels great and the weights and tools needed some attention. To quick spiders and plants take over my litte home gym. No need to pay some fool monthly for training machines and “free” energy drinks. All it needs is some iron and  dedication. Sometimes a friend who kicks your ass is also quite a motivation.

Turning 40 next year there is a unfinished project. I really have to do my first Muay Thai fight. So i better get back in shape. I even think about letting my beard grow until the day of the fight. We will see.

If you are sick of gyms and need some inspiration, check Ross Enamait Website

Muay Thai – Thaiboxing

Muay Thai (Thaiboxing), an ancient art developed in wartimes centuries ago and refined steadily. Now a national sport in Thailand with lots of dedication, heart, blood, sweat and money involved. A training in a Muay Thai camp in Thailand for at least a week will change your live! These photos captured artfully by Tim Bowman ©

(Drop me a note if you want to train in Thailand and need information for choosing a camp)