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Defend Lance T-Shirt by Pedal Pushers Club

Defend Lance - Pedal Pushers Club T-Shirt on bikeDefend Lance Armstrong - Pedal Pushers T-Shirt yellow tour de franceDefend Lance - Pedal Pushers T-Shirt american apparel care labelDefend Lance - Pedal Pushers T-Shirt full view yellow tricot

Defend Lance T-Shirt by Pedal Pushers Club:
Klaus from Voll´s 
found this cool T-shirt at the Pedal Pushers Club website. I´m sure we (me and the t-shirt and …) will have some nice discussions soon. The “care label” by American Apparel is a nice example for good marketing. Unfortunately the t-shirt is no longer available at the Pedal Pushers Webshop – read why?

The hunt after Lance Armstrong is just ridiculous everyone knows that new world records or top scores can only be accomplished  by dedication, genetics, talent, luck, pain and drugs. Believing others won´t use whatever is possible to gain victory is nonsense. The “non positives” are just more clever in cheating.

Red Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – the old 8103 ?

Red Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – boxedRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – unpackedRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – side view,  Oro Russet Portage LeatherRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – laces detailRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – detail rim of the heelRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – sole with red wing shoes logoRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – red wing shoes logo on the soleRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – id label inside the shoeRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – insole and detail of the inside of the shoeRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – heel and sole Red Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – heel inside Red Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – full view of the shoesRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – top of the shoes lacesRed Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – full view with original booklet Red Wing Shoes Oxford 3112 – the old 8103 ?:
Finally my first Red Wing Oxford, a 3112. I was close to 100% sure its a Red Wing 8103. The 3112 from 05/2005 in no longer produced as I could find out. The differences are the logo print on the heel of the shoe, the different pattern of the sole, the more cushioned rim of the heel,  the red red wing logo on the sole and thanks to Eric, only a single line of stitching not two for attaching the shoe with the soles. He also mentioned that this shoe is from the former working boots collection which was only available in the US.

The shoe is nearly new with the original box and the leaflets from red wing. For me it looks like this shoe was much more difficult to produce, except from the double line of stitches. So i´m still in decision to sell it and buy a 8103 in 10 1/2. Or to break this kind of deadstock shoe in.

Can someone please make some comment about a difference of the leather ?
Is it also a “Oro Russet Portage Leather” with the same thickness as the 8103?

Brass Zippo be-fore being feinschmucked

brand new brass zippo lighter before beeing treated from feinschmuckbrand new brass zippo lighter before beeing treated from feinschmuck security noticeBrand new brass Zippo lighter be-fore being refined by Feinschmuck:
Yesterday I got two brass Zippo lighters ready to be treated by Feinschmuck, let´s see what they can turn them into. I´ll keep you updated as soon as they got their hands on them. I noticed the security warning on the lighter, hmm I have to get my old one but I´m pretty sure thats a new clue – yes a burning flame is hot and fuel spilled hands might burn as well – oh my god!

First test with putting some patina on the Zippo has been done, check the result here.