Home roasted coffee and fresh bread

Homeroasted coffee and fresh bread - whirley popHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - green coffee beans before the roastingHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - coffee skin goes offHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - roasted beans for espressoHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - roasted beans for espressoHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - no knead bread fresh from the ovenHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - both ready and illy boxHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - both ready and illy box detailHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - rancilio silviaHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - fresh espresso with cremaHome roasted coffee and fresh bread:
Nothing better than the smell of fresh baked bread and fresh rosted coffee! I use the whirley pop popcorn maker for roasting the beans. About 250g of beans for 25-30 minutes at scale 7 from 9 on my oven plate with a constant turn on the “whirler” and shaking the pot. Start with less beans, just enough to just 1-2 layers of beans in the pot, too much and they never get ready in time. Avoid to get the beans burned, thats what the shaking and “whirling” is for. Constant checking is needed so they do not get to black and turn into coal pieces.

After one to 3 days fermentation is done and the best time to make some espresso! If you can not wait, it´s ok to have one straight after.

Accompanied with some fresh baked bread with the out of the pot and no knead dough method a great start for a long weekend.

2 thoughts on “Home roasted coffee and fresh bread

  1. Tim

    Coffee and home baked bread. Easy and super good. I just watched the bread baking video and I try it out myself soon. Cheers

    1. Alex Post author

      It´s so easy and you will beat most – if not all bakeries by the taste around you. If you keep practicing
      (advice 250 C for 45 minutes with cover in the pot (cast iron prefered) around 20 minutes without the cover at about 220 C).


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