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Bread Porn – homemade

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Bread Porn – homemade

I often hear “you must have time to bake your own bread” (all the time). But basically it does not take more that getting in a car, driving to a bakery, waiting in the queue and driving back. And there are other things which are also essential to me.

– the absolute knowledge what ingredients have been used (ok let´s assume you know what you bought)
– the smell in the house of fresh bread
– the joy of looking at the bread rising and darkening
– the sound of the cracking crust while the bread cools down
– the first cut trough the bread and eating it with just some butter + salt
– cutting the loaf in 4/4 and sharing at least 2/4 or 3/4 of it with your family and friends
– seeing their joy when they got a warm piece of the bread and sometimes getting something back in exchange.

Just go through the no knead bread recipe but i will describe the routine quickly how I do it.

5 minutes
– grabbing a bow, putting in the yeast, salt, water and flour, mixing it and let it rest until the next morning

1 minute
– hopefully the yeast has blown up your dough, stir it again, put in about 2 spoons of flour and turn the dough a bit (or leave it, if you want to have a shiny surface on the crust). Switch the oven to 250C and put in the pot and the cover.

1 minute
– after about 30 minutes (or up to 1hour) the pot is hot enough, throw in the dough and close it with the cover.

1 minute
– open the cover after about 45 minutes (up to 1 hour is also ok) @ 250 C, switch down to 220 C

1 minute
– after about 15 minutes or up to 25  minutes get the bread out of the oven and put the loaf out of the pot.

So it´s just about 10 minutes to prepare YOUR BREAD, Have a nice day!


Home roasted coffee and fresh bread

Homeroasted coffee and fresh bread - whirley popHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - green coffee beans before the roastingHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - coffee skin goes offHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - roasted beans for espressoHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - roasted beans for espressoHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - no knead bread fresh from the ovenHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - both ready and illy boxHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - both ready and illy box detailHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - rancilio silviaHomeroasted coffee and fresh bread - fresh espresso with cremaHome roasted coffee and fresh bread:
Nothing better than the smell of fresh baked bread and fresh rosted coffee! I use the whirley pop popcorn maker for roasting the beans. About 250g of beans for 25-30 minutes at scale 7 from 9 on my oven plate with a constant turn on the “whirler” and shaking the pot. Start with less beans, just enough to just 1-2 layers of beans in the pot, too much and they never get ready in time. Avoid to get the beans burned, thats what the shaking and “whirling” is for. Constant checking is needed so they do not get to black and turn into coal pieces.

After one to 3 days fermentation is done and the best time to make some espresso! If you can not wait, it´s ok to have one straight after.

Accompanied with some fresh baked bread with the out of the pot and no knead dough method a great start for a long weekend.