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Land Rover – Defender, new vs. old

Land-Rover Defender badge without flag old oneLand-Rover Defender badge new oneLand-Rover Defender grill old one Land-Rover Defender badge grill new oneLand-Rover Defender tank old on the oneland rover defender new tankLand Rover Logo Badges

Last weekend I first saw an old Land-Rover Defender by the road for sale and took some images and by luck I could later take some image of the new one. Even the owner of the new one had to admit that the old one has a bit more style/love in the details.


know how to use a knife

It’s a fact that men like knifes and even some woman do. But most of us lack the skills to use them properly. The video above is with German comments but it should be easy to figure out what the technique is about.

D-Rad R0/4 motorbike from 1924/1927

D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike full view from the leftD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view from the rightD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view from the right sideD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike identification of engine and brand D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike badge viewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike handlebar backviewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view, springs and horn D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike saddle with tank viewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike view of the engineD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike engine viewAbove some images I took from a D-Rad R0/4 motorbike from 1924/1927. Its from “Deutschen Industriewerken” aus Berlin Spandau. This bike is no. 21547 from only 25500, made between 1924 – 1927. It took me a while to figure out what brand this bike is, but due to the plate on the front and the net I learned something new. The bike was standing right in front of Seil Marschall, what a match. For more infos about this kind of motorbike check by Manfred Henschel or a swiss website: by Benno Stöcklin.

Pocket knife – lost & found

lost pocket knife massoptier thiers found itTwo weeks ago I lost my favorite pocket knife, a French one from Massoptier – Thiers. The knife is special, I bought it on a rugby trip to Montélimar where I played quite well and which also marked the end of my rugbytime.

I lost it while taking a break during hiking in the Alps. Luckily it was a not to popular place and I did not make too many breaks. So the options where to look for the knife where not to many. The knife was lying exactly on the grass, real easy to spot. So mission accomplished and after a bit of cleaning an some Balistol the knife looks even better with some new patina.

Ruitertassen leather briefcase

Ruitertassen briefcase leather full viewRuitertassen briefcase leather full view with latch detailsRuitertassen briefcase latch closeupRuitertassen briefcase leather inside handlebar with the logoRuitertassen briefcase leather perfect size for macbook pro 13Original Ruitertassen leather briefcase.

I’ve been hunting for a used Ruitertassen briefcase for a long time. I guess it was because my mother bought me a similar bag for school. As a teenager I painted it badly and it was disposed sometime.  New ones are about 200 Euros, decent ones on Ebay go for about 70 Euros max. The “big” ones are good for carrying close to 20 kg of books. The one I got has probably just about 1/3 of the with of the schoolbags. The shoulderstrap was missing but I wouldn’t have a use for it anyway. The craftsmanship of this bag is extraordinary, very thick leather and strong stitching. And it developed  a wonderful patina over the years. It will serve as a notebook case eventually with no intention to vandalize it with graffiti.

Thorogood Moc Toe boots

Thorogood Moc Toe boots sideview with soleThorogood Moc Toe boots flag USAThorogood Moc Toe boots brand name on the heelThorogood Moc Toe boots stitching cheap moc toe stitchingThorogood Moc Toe boots logo on the frontThorogood Moc Toe boots heel inside Thorogood Moc Toe boots shaftThorogood Moc Toe boots insoleThorogood Moc Toe boots id labelThorogood Moc Toe boots advertisement leaflet 2Thorogood Moc Toe boots advertisement leaflet 1Thorogood Moc Toe boots heritage 6 wedges model. (ID 814-4200).
First of all I was always concerned about boots with the white vibram sole, regarding the grip, look, comfort and the durability. So when I found a real cheap offer in the States for about 70 USD (50 Euro) I could not avoid to give them a try. I checked some reviews about the Thorogood heritage boots from Weinbrenner and ordered them.
A little after a week of wearing them I can say the following:

– it’s not a real Moc Toe as other manufactures do, the rim is just “folded” and not of 2 pieces of leather. Have a look at image 4.
– the leather is quite “soft”, so no real break in.
– they smells a bit of rubber not 100% leather and glue (this might come from the insole)
– my concerns about the white vibram were wrong, it’s extremely comfortable (did not try it on mud yet)
– on the right shoe, the first hook on the left is not in line to the other side (it might be the reason this pair was so cheap – could be B-Ware) speaking of about 5 mm.
– the shock sole might add to the comfort but I think of changing it to a leather one
– compared to the sizing of Red Wings I would say they are a little bit smaller and less wide (10,5 US – D)

So overall I’m quite happy, and I would say it’s a real bargain. If you are in the States or Canada or doing a trip over there, give them a try. I will post some Images in some month as
a reverence of how the break/wear in.