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2012 -> 2013

vineyard with fog piemont2012 -> 2013
is/was great, 2013 is going to be even better. Some stuff is already visible coming up, some is still a bit foggy and in the distance. We are heading to Copenhagen – Denmark right now, so no post before the 2013. Thanks a lot to all of you!

Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Pullover

Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck

Dehen Signature Varsity V-Neck Pullover:
Thanks a lot Uwe for sending me this great pullover. I saw it this summer when Amtraq was here on the lake and I knew I have to have it. Old school cut, 100% wool and made to last. A perfect product from the USA  available in Amtraq distributed shops.

Armagnac Vaghi 1989

Armagnac Vaghi 1989 Armagnac Vaghi 1989 wooden case Armagnac Vaghi 1989 christmas Armagnac Vaghi 1989 bottle label Armagnac Vaghi 1989 5 Armagnac Vaghi 1989 back labelArmagnac Vaghi from 1989:
Breaking the tradition of buying a good bottle of Cognac XO for christmas. I went for a Armagnac this year. Armagnac Vaghi sells brandy back to 1928 and probably even older ones are hidden in their cellar. Made from Ugni-Blanc grapes and the rougher not as smooth version of a Cognac, be-cause only distilled once. But after some decades in barrels he will catch up. Sharing with family and friends who will show up. The glass is empty right now, a bit too early. But soon it will be preheated with some hot steam from the espresso machine and filled to Prost with someone. Cu soon.

Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 2012

Free & Easy Magazine November 2012 by Life Time Gear Eric Jost Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 20122 Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 20123 editor minoru onozato Free & Easy Magazine Nov. 2012 Hajime Tsukada - Barleay Harvest Season

Free & Magazine Nov. 2012 Gift by Eric Jost:
Friday morning there was a letter from Eric Jost from Life Time Gear in the mailbox. Inside the November Issue of the famous Japanese Free & Easy Magazine. Unfortunately no time to read it be-cause I had to leave to the shipyard. Right after work, without even washing my hands I had to have a closer (and careful) look at it. What a great magazine with images of unique items and characters (e.g. Hajime Tsukada). No way to read the Japanese Text but the images talk for themselves. Thanks Eric for this great gift and inspiration.

Ristorante Bologna Varese

Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy01 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy02 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy03 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy04 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy05 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy06 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy07 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy08 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy09 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy10 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy11 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy12 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy13 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy14 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy bistecca fiorentina t-bone steakRistorante Bologna Varese:
Travelling to Italy, food is always one reason why we love this country. Just after the border of Switzerland there comes Varese, and Ristorante Bologna is the place to see and to eat, if you want it rustic and authentic italian. We enjoyed to stay there for two nights and were lucky to get at least one table to celebrate Maria´s birthday and sadly the reservation for the other Birthday guests the next day did not work out so well – anyway, Italy was great, as always.

Pollini High Heels

Pollini high heels 01 Pollini high heels 03 Pollini high heels 02 Pollini high heels 06 Pollini high heels 07 Pollini high heels 10 Pollini high heels 08 Pollini high heels 04 Pollini high heels 05 Pollini high heels 09Pollini high heels:
This is the story of Maria´s final choice for a classic black high heel by Pollini. Milano is great be-cause all the top brands have stores there and are quite close together. Equipped with a pair of Red Wings Pecos, easy to go back and forth to pick the final one – finally. What a great combination Red Wing + Pollini.