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A Sunday morning

Sunday morning coffee, a fresh bread and pfote morning classSunday morning coffee, a fresh bread and pfote morning class - breadcrust ryebreadSunday morning coffee, a fresh bread and pfote morning class cane sugarSunday morning coffee, a fresh bread and pfote morning class in the bed for the ladySunday morning coffee, a fresh bread and pfote morning class dogs Sunday morning coffee, fresh baked rye bread and pfote lesson:
While the lady was still having here sunday beauty sleep, I was able to digg deeper into Rohan Anderson´s Wholelarderlove book. Reading until the rye bread was ready to be taken out of the oven. Just in time. The bread was ready when the lady woke up to have her coffee be served. Not long after the dogs showed up to get their share of old bread – Tillman learned the Pfote now! We are ready for breakfast and the day. Enjoy your sunday.

Whole Larder Love Cookbook – by Rohan Anderson

Whole Larder Love Cookbook - coverWhole Larder Love Cookbook - WholeWhole Larder Love Cookbook - LarderWhole Larder Love Cookbook - LoveWhole Larder Love Cookbook leather bootsWhole Larder Love Cookbook picklesWhole Larder Love Cookbook recipe Whole Larder Love Cookbook – by Rohan Anderson:
Today I received my copy of Rohan Anderson´s great cookbook. What started as a blog by a great photographer taking images of his garden, hunts, kitchen and his proactive life turned finally into a book. What made his blog so famous is that this guy is living a live many of us would love to. Living from his own land, learning and improving techniques never used or meanwhile forgotten by the “civilized” world. Taking the time to prepare a meal the ingredients could be proud of. Teaching/showing his kids a lifestyle they can be glad about. And giving it back to him sometime when they appreciate what they inherited by their father. Well done Rohan, thanks for sharing your life with us. Here again the link to his blog and here to his book.

(c) by Rohan Anderson, wholelarderlove

B-74 Frankfurt – store check!

B-74 Frankfurt Germany, Dehen JacketB-74 Frankfurt store overall view red wing helmetB-74 Frankfurt store overall viewB-74 Frankfurt filson bags in hamburger schappB-74 Frankfurt vintage red wing shoes collectionB-74 Frankfurt counter area, uwe mr, mrs. ms. hashemi B-74 Frankfurt johnson motors wolf patrol t-shirtB-74 Frankfurt vintage baseball jacketsB-74 Frankfurt filson bags and motorbikeB-74 Frankfurt motorbike harleyB-74 Frankfurt cabrioletB-74 Frankfurt store interior viewB-74 Frankfurt tweed caps stetsonB-74 Frankfurt Kami Hashemi no Discount B-74 Frankfurt – store check!
With Uwe and Eric we went to the short fashion show at the B-74. It was helt for the int. press, which was guided trough the city of Frankfurt to selected locations before the MTV Awards the following day. The B-74 by Kami Hashemi is a bit hidden in a backyard. But a shop connected with the Red Wing Store Frankfurt which Kami runs since 1998 gets attention. Once you entered, you will see why customers are doing the pilgrimage to this shop. Top brands with history and quality are presented in a unique way. Just have a look at the cabriolet inside the shop, the counter, the flipper or the antique Hamburger Schapp filled with Filson bags.

Here an overview of the brands: Aero Leather, Atelier LaDurance, Converse, Dockers K1, Dehen, Dukes, Edwin, Filson, Johnson Motors Inc., Knowledge Cotton, G.R.P Firenze, Levi´s Vintage Cloth., Merz b. Schwanen, Nigel Cabourn, Red Wing Shoes, Rin Tanaka, Schiesser Revival, Stetson

Needful things – Amtraq showroom visit

Amtraq Distribution visit - Sachsenhausen outside shopwindowAmtraq Distribution visit - red vespa scooter shopwindowAmtraq Distribution visit - conference deskAmtraq Distribution visit - black and white portraitsAmtraq Distribution visit - black and white photosAmtraq Distribution visit - tellason denim chestAmtraq Distribution visit feinschmuck anchorNeedful things – Amtraq showroom visit:
Last saturday was a very eventful day. When ushered by Uwe in his showroom in Frankfurt – Sachsenhausen it felt like being a character of “Needfull things” by Stephen King.  Only difference, much more than one item you wish to have – now. Products he distributes are tasteful accompanied by black and white photographs, collectibles, design classics, a glass of Äpplewoi and great sound from vinyl. Thanks a lot Uwe!

Chestnut leather boots with felt – Santa Claus style

brown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leatherbrown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leather closer detailsbrown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leather inside viewbrown felt boots - santa claus style, sole wooden nails and horseshoedbrown felt boots - santa claus, felt shaft and broken loopsbrown felt boots - santa claus stitching details brown felt boots - santa claus front chestnut leather detailsbrown felt boots - santa claus details sole, wooden shoe nails

Chestnut leather boots with felt – Santa Claus style:
Quite a while ago I´m hunting for this kind of boots now. Actually after my last years debut as Santa Claus for a family member. For one thing I´m really interested in how the comfort and control is with this kind of “no laces no buckles” boot is. And the other thing is to figure out how to get in and out.

This boot has probably the nicest brown patina I ever saw on a pair of shoes/boots. A wonderful brown color like a fresh opened chestnut. They got the old school wooden shoe nails on the sole and the horseshoe style reinforcement of the heel. The pull on loops are all broken, this might be the reason it´s impossible to get in right now for me. (the size seems to be ok). Would be too sad to sell them on Ebay, but I will give it a harder try later and hopefully I´m getting out again.